So many have regrets.

Consider that regret over and done.

It's time to get started.

I talk to people everyday who wish they had taken piano lessons...or stuck with it...or crossed over to the phase of actually enjoying the music they were making.

Over the last 18 years I have helped people learn how to play the piano. But not just learning how to read music - learning how to be creative, to be expressive. To make music you are proud of - not just "Hot Cross Buns" from Alfred's Basic Piano Library.

Almost everyone wishes they could play the piano. There's something about playing keys that shines a light on a basic human drive - the drive to create, to be creative. And when you combine creativity and music it's a recipe for joy and passion.

Music has been the bedrock of cultures all over the world for ages. It helps us savor life rather than rush through it. It helps us think harder, feel deeper, and love stronger.

You know the feeling. You play a favorite song in your car and it transports you to a place in history...your history. Ever been to a symphony? the combination of grand sound, the energy of the players, and the beautiful location contribute to a powerful experience.



Many feel they are too late in life to learn music. They never took piano lessons. They missed their chance when they were 6 years old. The loads of dollars their parents spend on piano lessons didn't amount to much of anything. You can't remember how to play anything meaningful. You don't know how to be creative. All you have is a stack of lame lesson books that make you feel sad that the gift of music never came to life for you.




Maybe you have a friend who is amazing on the piano. You feel frustrated that you're not as talented. But studies show that talent isn't as big a factor as we'd like to believe. It's more about good 'ole fashioned hard work. It's about immersing yourself in something. It's about geeking out over something enough that you make the mental and technical connections others fail to do.


And even those who do play the piano wish they played differently. They want to improvise, have more versatility, to be able to sit down and be creative. I've encountered people who've taken piano lessons for 10 years but have no idea what to do with a chord chart, how to innovate, or make their own music.


LEARN WORSHIP KEYS is a work-at-your-own pace, online course designed to teach you how to improvise, innovate, and play worship music in 3 months or less.

Here's a video that outlines the benefits of the course. I know you won't be disappointed.

I've been teaching private piano lesson for 18 years.

I'm a local church worship pastor.

I write and record music with Allison Park Worship.

I resource worship teams at

I want to help you become the best keys player you can be.

And I believe this is the best resource to help you do that. You see, I have a passion for those who feel like life never slowed down enough for you to do what you wanted.

You may have always wanted to play an instrument. There may even be a dusty old piano in your house, reminding you daily of past regret.

I'm here to help you start. I want to help you overcome the excuses.

That's why I created Learn Worship Keys.


and I'll be your teacher through the Learn Worship Keys online course.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll learn!

Module 1

Start Here: The Basics

  • How to master the musical alphabet and quickly name every key on the piano
  • Mastering the art of rhythm & counting and mastering the four types of notes you'll need to know in order to play worship music
  • How to start making melody
  • Writing your first song
  • Building scales
  • Mastering the C & G scale
  • The theory behind major chords
  • The theory behind minor chords

A Look Inside the Course

Module 2

  • How to create chord progressions
  • Finding & playing first inversion chords
  • Finding & playing second inversion chords
  • How to combine chord inversions for magical chord progressions
  • Minimalist chords
  • The theory behind keys and key signatures...and how to learn this quickly!
  • How to master the pedal

The Building Blocks of Playing Songs

Improvisation Made Easy

Module 3

  • The 3 levels of playing worship keys
  • The keys of D & A
  • The keys of E & B
  • The keys of F & Bb
  • How to creating beautiful melodic lines using a 4 measure system
  • Inversion melodies
  • Advanced rhythm & syncopation
  • What to do with the Left Hand

Beyond the Piano: Tips & Tricks

  • 7th & 9th Chords
  • A Primer on Pads
  • Ear Training & the Perfect Pitch Myth
  • Synth, Piano, Pad, Organ, or Keytar?
  • The Keys of Ab & Eb
  • The Keys of C# & F#

Module 4

Peter James

Will Doggett

Producer, Bethel Music

In this exclusive interview Gabriel, we discuss keys from a producer's perspective. We also go "behind the scenes" of his studio and see all his vintage keyboard instruments, including Roland Juno 60, Moog Rogue, Moog Voyager, Vox Jaguar, Rhodes, and more!

Gabriel Wilson

In this exclusive interview Will and I discuss Ableton Live, midi controllers, running live loops, and so much more.

In this exclusive interview Peter and I discuss Omnisphere, Mainstage, playing techniques, software plugins, and more.

Plus these exclusive BONUS interviews:

Certified Ableton Live Trainer

Luke Hendrickson

In this exclusive interview Luke and I discuss music careers, practice habits, Reason software, midi controllers, and production tips.

Keyboards, Hillsong Worship & Hillsong United

Keyboards, Bethel Music

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Learn Worship Keys is also 100% fully mobile responsive.

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Can't seem to afford it?

Let's assume, instead, you enrolled in private lessons. Most good piano teachers charge at least $25-$40 per half hour! With Learn Worship Keys, you get a whole suite of top-notch training for a fraction of what it would cost you to get private lessons.

PLUS...if you purchase the FULL or CHURCH/FAMILY package, you get unlimited updates to the course...forever.

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Confused as to what software to use? Keyboard to buy? Midi controller? Audio interface? Plugins? Acoustic pianos? Rollerball pens? Scarfs? Skinny jeans? It's all here. A helpful little eBook to help you navigate the "gear" craziness.

The Worship Songwriter eBook

47 Essential Tools for 

the Modern Keys Player

The Worship Songwriter 

eJournal & Audiobook

Monthly Q&A Call

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An essential companion to The Worship Songwriter eBook, this journal was created to help you do the work. It's not enough to read about have to write. Print out this beautifully designed, minimalist journal for some songwriting inspiration.

The Worship Songwriter is a step by step guide to crafting your best songs. Songwriting isn't just reserved for the pros. With a few new skill sets, you can serve your local church with powerful, effective songs that lead people to Jesus.

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No questions asked.

We believe in this course and know it's going to help you!

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Life is busy. This is most likely something you won't  do on your own.

Learn Worship Keys will help you make your best music...faster than you thought possible.



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